Shows are always NO COVER, so come down and check out the music any Saturday for free. We are supported by voluntary contributions to a Tip Jar that is passed around once per set. Also, we are allowing for individuals to pay $20 in advance to reserve seat at a table near the stage.   See Home Page to reserve 

Saturday Night Jazz at  the Black Dog is a weekly Jazz concert series hosted by
The Black Dog and produced by illicit Productions. The series is curated by Steve Kenny

About The Series

Saturday // April 8

8:30pm Steve Kenny Quartet - Rodney Ruckus - Drums, Javi Santiago - Piano, Ted Olsen - Bass, Steve Kenny - FLUMPET, and special guests

7:00pm Opening Set : CORNER JAZZ - Maryann Sullivan - vocals, Doug Haining - Sax, Ted Godbout - Piano, Ted olsen - Bass, Trevor Haining - Drums, Ted Olsen - Bass

Upcoming Shows

Saturday // April 15

8:30pm Peter Kogan  MONSTERFUL WONDERBAND - Jake Baldwin - Trumpet, Pete Whitman - Saxophones, Scott Agster - Trombone, Chris Olson - Guitar,

Sean Turner - Piano, Jeff Bailey - Bass, Peter Kogan - Drums

7:00pm Opening Set : Aaron Hedenstrom Trio with Kameron Markworth - Bass,

Lars Erik-Larson - Drums, Aaron Hedenstrom - Saxophones

Optional Reserved Seating

Saturday // April 22

8:30pm Chris Bates RED 5

with Chris Bates - Bass, JT Bates - Drums, Thomas Nordlund - Guitar, Steve Kenny - Trumpet, Brandon Wozniak - Saxophones, JC Sanford - Trombone 

7:00pm Opening Set :  Abebi Stafford Experience

Abebi Stafford - Keys,  Joel Pruitt - Drums

Saturday // April 29

8:30pm BOTTOMLESS PIT     with Joel Shapira - Guitar, Pete Whitman - Saxophones, Eric Kamau Grávátt - Drums, Tom Lewis - Bass

7:00pm Opening Set : Brian Handeland Quartet -  Brian Handeland - Saxopnones,

Park Evans - Guitar, Graydon Peterson - Bass, and Trevor Haining - Drums

Saturday // April 1

8:30pm ATLANTIS QUARTET - Zacc Harris - Guitar, Chris Bates - Bass, Brandon Wozniak - Saxophones, Pete Hennig - Drums

7:00pm Opening Set : Common Space - Eric Graham Organ/keys, Dylan Nelson - Guitar, Thomas Strommen - Saxophone, Alex Burgess - Drums